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Home > Products > PBR > PBR Handportables > Icom IC-F12/F22

Icom IC-F22 PBR handportable

This new family of hand-held radios from Icom comprises four transceivers -

F12S - 2 channel 5 watt VHF
F12 - 16 channel 5 watt VHF
F22S - 2 channel 4 watt UHF
F22 - 16 channel 4 watt UHF

All four radios are extremely lightweight and easy to use. They are built to meet US military standards, MIL-810C, D and E for shock and vibration. These factors combine to provide high reliability, even in the toughest environments.

Although simple to use and relatively low-cost, configuration for more sophisticated systems is possible as the range supports multiple signalling systems and flexible selective calling. All models feature CTCSS, DTCS and 5-tone encode/decode as standard.

Included as standard with each radio is a BP-209 nicad battery pack, a BC-144 rapid drop-in charger and a belt clip. The nicad battery will provide approximately 8 hours of operation in normal use.

Added confidence can be gained from the full two-year warranty carried by each radio.


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