PTT Over Cellular (PoC)

Simply put, PTT (Push-To-Talk) Over Cellular allows instant radio communication over a very large area using the 3G/4G networks many of us already use for mobile phones.

This is an alternative to traditional radio as it provides users with telephone style conversations, including full duplex, without investing in costly radio network infrastructure.

So effectively, two-way radios with UK coverage!

Icom LTE Radio System

4G LTE & 3G Coverage

Icom's new IP503H and IP501M are LTE radios which enable two-way radio style communication with the ease and convenience of PTT (Push-To-Talk) operation over nationwide 4G/LTE and 3G networks.

Both handheld and vehicle mounted radios are available along with a comprehensive range of accessories.


Tri-SIM automatically switches between the major networks O2 | Vodafone | EE

Closed private and secure network

Fixed monthly cost

Individual, Group or All Call

Health & Safety Features - Man Down | Lone Worker | Emergency button

IP67 Dust Tight and Waterproof

Vibration alert function notifies of incoming calls

Bluetooth connectivity for headset and other accessories

Take a look at the video Icom has produced explaining all of the benefits of the PTT Over Cellular system

Contact us for more information and to enquire about the use of our demo units, so you can check coverage for your specific areas.

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